Mentoring young professionals and geology students is an important part of my business. The career of mineral exploration and evaluation has been very good to me, both in my personal development and financial security, for over 30 years and I am committed to giving back to the business that I live and love.

I am fortunate to have had three mentors in my career that furthered my professional development immensely: my undergraduate advisor, Dr. Colin Barker, who taught me how to teach myself and encouraged me to work independently in my first research project; my first boss in mineral exploration, Fred Jenkins, who showed me the copper oxide nail test during my first day on the job in the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico, 1976, and helped me become a very good prospector; and finally, the most important contributor to my career and success: my graduate school professor, my mentor, my collaborator, my former business partner, but most importantly my friend, Dr. Lee Woodward, now ten years retired, who always edits my work anytime I ask and is still the best fly fisherman that I know.


Because of the cyclical nature of natural resource supply and demand, our business is missing nearly a generation of professional economic geologists. It is incumbent on my generation to impart our knowledge and experience to curious, enthusiastic, adventurous, and energetic young explorers to meet the ever-growing, worldwide demand for mineral commodities. My years of experience in a wide range of activities from grass roots exploration to mine development have afforded me a unique skill set that I wish to share with young geologists.

A portion of my busy schedule is always devoted to training and advising junior geologists. I am available for teaching, mentoring and advising on professional career choices, employment opportunities, mineral exploration, property evaluation, and the financial aspects of venture capital and the junior exploration business. If I can be of service to you or your non-profit group by conducting seminars, teaching classes, participating in field trips, or just giving a little friendly advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I ask only that you cover my expenses if travel is involved.

The next generation of economic geologists is very important to our continued standard of living and the general well-being of mankind. Sharing the insights of a combined 37 years of university education and work experience and watching young professionals grow and mature gives me great satisfaction and joy.

My mission is to encourage young geologists to follow the rewarding, challenging, often difficult and sometimes dangerous, but always adventurous and fascinating career of mineral exploration.

See the world, explore, discover, develop, create wealth.

Mickey Fulp
Mercenary Geologist

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